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From the Arctic to Africa and across the US nation, the delivery of adventure learning programs are changing how students learn and teachers teach.

Reaching more than three million learners annually in fifty states across the nation and internationally our flagship, the adventure learning programming at PolarHusky.com, provide proof of concept: For twelve years students across the world have completed research-based lesson plans while interacting with an Arctic dogsledding expedition team, scientists, and other students and teachers. The adventure learning approach tie the existing curriculum into what is happening in society today, providing authentic and meaninful learning opportunities.

Our organization is founded by Mille Porsild, founder of NOMADS Adventure & Education, Inc and PolarHusky.com. A pioneer in adventure learning, Porsild delivered the world’s first full-scale program in 2001 working with Connectria and IBM Lotus engineers to introduce social networking (Collaboration Zones) and moderated chat environment as tools for meaningful learning in the K-12 classroom.

What we do

We make free online education programs. Our programming is anchored in adventure learning.

As dictated by the principles of this educational theory an extensive Curriculum and Activity Guide is developed for each program and we then bring the lessons to life, bring learning to life, through the live story taking place with the framework of an online environment. Besides collaborative opportunities with peers and subject matters experts, learners are provided comprehensive resources; live field updates and sharing of field research findings synched real-time to the curriculum. Central inquiry questions drives the curriculum, the online learning environment and the story in the field alike; research shows the narrative from “the adventure,” sparks curiosity, then motivates and transforms; which in turn fuels life-long learning.

An adventure learning experience means that learning is no longer confined within the classroom walls, but extends to millions of fellow learners and experts sharing a real-world experience.

Our programming allow the audience separated by distance and time to connect with one another while providing access to resources and the opportunity to interact with authentic data, content, people, and real-world situations. In published research on our programming, data reveal that both students and teachers are motivated to learn and teach respectively at levels they have not experienced previously. Students are motivated to enter the online learning environment at school and at home while encouraging their teachers to continue to use the adventure learning programming. Moreover, teachers within schools using the programming motivate each other to get involved as a result of the student learning.

Our reason

We need education that motivates learning and advance literacy worldwide for learners of all ages. We provide exciting adventure learning programs that weave sustainable development and global citizenship into the fabric of our education. It’s about education experiences that transform learners, teachers and the way we teach. We do it to be a part of the solution.

The Purpose

  • Empower learners with transformational learning experiences through the educational approach of adventure learning
  • Conduct and support Arctic adventure learning programs that motivate and excite learners and as a result build environmental, geographic, natural and social science literacy
  • Advance adventure learning and its use as a means to enable learners with critical thinking skills and tools for life-long learning
  • Utilize the full potential of adventure learning in engaging learners with meaningful natural and social sciences experiences
  • Provide learners with adventure learning experiences that promote cross-cultural understanding, sense of place and global citizenship
  • Foster learners understanding of sustainable development and inspire environmental stewardship through participation in adventure learning
  • Provide equal opportunity for all learners to participate in adventure learning programs by conducting and making such programs available worldwide and in both formal and non-formal settings

Why it is no-cost…

Free adventure learning programming delivered online ensures equal access and a high implementation rate. Cost per participant is minimal serving millions of students nationwide.

Furthermore, the fact that the program is offered at no fee is key in the dissemination. The recruitment of teachers primarily occur at the following levels: Internet recruitment, professional organizations, media/communications, and word-of-mouth.

Instrumental in expanding the audience, we continue to build a strong outreach network through partnerships with public institutions, geographic alliances and informal education organizations.

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